Palaeolithic Diet or The Paleo Diet

Palaeolithic Diet or The Paleo Diet

It is also known as the Paleo Diet. Paleo diet in short means eating like the cavemen. This diet is based on the idea that cavemen or our ancestors did not suffer from all the harmful health diseases and risks as the modern humans. This diet encourages the consumption of unprocessed animals and plants which includes meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It completely restricts the use of foods, sugars, dairy and grains. But modern versions of paleo allow foods like dairy and rice to be consumed in moderation.

Like any other diet, this diet too has its pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the cons of the Paleo Diet.

Restrictive and Confusing: This diet is not that easy to follow as it cuts down on most of the food groups making it really difficult to sustain for a long time. Majority of the people like to eat grains and the thought of having to avoid it constantly may become really tiring which eventually makes them quit it.

High in Saturated Fat: Even though researches show that saturated fat is not that bad, many experts still don't recommend overdoing it.

Pros of Paleo Diet

Makes you cook: This diet condemns the use of any form of processed food. Any food that comes in packets is not a part of this diet. So, it makes you cook fresh, whole goods.
Nutrients: This diet contains mainly consuming vegetables and fruits. This kind of food contains a lot of fibers, healthy carbs.
Quality: Paleo diet recommends consuming high quality proteins. This is a very good diet from a sustainable, humane and nutritional point of view.

No matter the pros and cons, if you can stick to this diet, it will help you a lot.


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