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  • Key Health Tips for Seniors

    Keeping fit and maintaining good health is especially important in old age, considering that the fallout of injury or illness at an advanced age is difficult to cope with, both for the senior, as well as for loved ones. The period of recovery lengthens, and complete recovery itself can be very…

  • Laser breath analysis can one day screen for cancer and diabetes

    Researchers are developing new types of lasers. They are hoping that in the near future, we could use them to screen people for diabetes, cancer and infections. These lasers will use exhaled breath. According to the researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia, this is likely possible.…

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    Scientists advise that placebos can be an important tool in many treatments. They can relieve symptoms in patients and even improve a treatment. According to a recent study, placebos are rooted in neurobiology and they offer several benefits. Prof. Ted Kaptchuk from the BIDMC (Beth Israel Deaconess…

  • Puberty age affects many diseases

    A study suggests that puberty can develop a wide range of diseases like cancer and diabetes. If you start early or late, you can alter 48 separate condition and this includes the menopause age. As per the Scientific Reports, early puberty increases you to get affected by type 2 diabetes by 50%. The…

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    Maturing of friends and family influences all families, however most particularly it influences the ladies of these families. Wives, moms, girls, even close relatives and cousins are the people who must convey the biggest offer of the weight of watching over maturing relatives. This can put a…